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italianinteriors is your exclusive partner in selecting, delivering and installing the finest interior designs directly from manufacturers in Italy. We also supply and install made-to-measure interiors, furniture and accessories from our own production facilities in Italy.

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New: Construction-free Doors

Would you like to transform your rooms and increase the value of your property without the high costs and stress levels of extensive construction work? Italianinteriors now has a construction-free solution that enables you to easily exchange your old doors for beautiful new doors – made in Italy.

Before - Old door with exposed hinges (same model as client's door)
During installation - Old hinges removed, same door frame, no construction.
After installation - New door on old frame, no exposed hinges.

With the introduction of this new concept, you can easily replace your old door panels, chunky exposed hinges and old door handles with a beautifully designed new panel. They are fitted with new hinges and handles as well, all while keeping your existing door frames. In our pictures you can see how an old door including the old hardware is easily removed and replaced with a new panel. The installation is easy, the outcome is extraordinary. The new panels will change the look of your home significantly and bring freshness to your property – all for an affordable price.