About Us

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Professional Italian Interior Design

Italian Interiors is an innovative interior design company constantly striving to bring the best results in our client’s homes. 


We are currently introducing our latest innovation: replacement door panels for the remodeling of your doors without any construction. We are the first company to deliver such beautifully crafted Italian products that are high in quality and require no construction at a very competitive price. We cater to single-family home and condominium owners in Southwest Florida. We are your partner for designing your new residence, as well as renovating or remodeling your home.


All of our products are crafted in Italy. Our main focus lies on Doors of different designs and with various opening mechanisms. We also supply and install custom made Staircases, Bannisters, Kitchen Cabinets, other Custom Cabinets, and provide design services and furnishings.

Visit our Sarasota Showroom on 3333, North Washington Blvd in Sarasota, FL 34234

Highest Quality for Best Results

We can leverage reputable Italian product designers and manufacturers. We work very closely with the developers, general contractors, architects, interior designers, as well as directly with the homeowners to agree on the products and the projects.


Turning design into reality is a comprehensive and exciting journey. Our client-oriented approach is based on a relationship of trust that culminates in the creation of exclusive interiors. With our experience, creativity, and professionalism, we turn your expectations and imagination into reality.


Our hallmark turnkey services are comprised of developing the design together with you, overseeing production, and coordinating installation.

Italian Interiors was founded in May 2015 by Jay Banerjee and Federico Zini. Prior to their venture in Italian Interiors, Jay has been an International Banker having lived in more than 10 countries across 4 Continents while Federico has been an Italian Private Banker with many years of experience serving clients. They believe in integrity and together form the perfect duo to very well understand the needs of clients and to deliver the desired results.