Italian Design Banisters

Product Category: Banisters

Stainless steel banisters are built entirely with mechanical attachments without welding. They can be with 5 or 8 horizontal rods or with a glass panel depending upon the Code requirements and the surroundings. Very striking banisters can also be achieved by building entirely in structural glass.

The Gaudì-style Banister comes either with a curved double column or single two-branch column, made entirely in stainless steel, copper or bronze.

The Banisters for outdoors come with a new Aisi 316 stainless steel upright, either with horizontal or hollow metal rods or glass panels. All banisters can be assembled on top or on the outside of the steps or on sloping levels.

The feasibility of each staircase is always confirmed after an inspection of the actual conditions of the environment.

Thoughtfully designed to accentuate interior or exterior decor

Our banisters not only meet reliability and safety standards, they enhance the look of the entire home. Whether they are made of stainless steel or highly resilient stratified glass, they can be installed for both the inside and outside of the home and are suitable to all weather conditions. Our stainless steel banisters are built entirely with mechanical attachments and without welding. They come with either five or eight horizontal rods, as required by building code.

Glass banisters can be installed within the stainless steel support rods as panels or can also be built as structural glass. Banisters for Outdoor come with a new Aisi 316 stainless steel while the indoor banisters can be made of Aisi 316 or Aisi 314 stainless steel. We also supply patented system for glass fixing and angle adjustment without wedges. They are made of Anodized 20 Microns and wrapped in protective film to avoid scratches.