Custom Doors

Made in Italy

Contemporary Doors

Contemporary doors can be works of art. Choosing the type and style of material is important to suit your needs and vision for your interior design. Try imagining your perfect door: Is it made from one solid material or with glass elements? What closing mechanism does it have – is it a swing, sliding, pocket or folding door? Would you like it to have a classic or modern look?

In order to best suit your vision, we offer a wide variety of frames for our doors – traditional, flat or even invisible. We also offer a selection of hinges and handles to make your design vision come alive.

Glass Doors

We offer a wide selection of glass doors from some of the most amazing Italian manufacturers. Our collection has a clean and simplistic design, characterized by polished perimeter edges to maximize lightness.

All glass doors are custom made in tempered safety-sure glass. Colored glasses can be customized to fit your exact color needs. They are available as sliding, pocket, and swing doors both with visible and invisible frames

Frameless Doors

Doors with invisible frames are positioned flush in the wall. The aluminum frames, pockets, or tracks are hidden inside the drywall. They need to be installed before the drywall is completed and are perfect for your renovation or remodeling project.

Since the frame is invisible, these doors usually don’t have a casing. Once installed, the panels blend in with the wall, creating a modern look with no visible frame, casing, or gap. The doors can also be painted in the same color as the wall to give the illusion of invisibility.

italianinteriors is your exclusive partner in selecting, delivering and installing the finest interior designs directly from manufacturers in Italy. We also supply and install made-to-measure interiors, furniture and accessories from our own production facilities in Italy.