Glass Doors Customized To You

Passion expressed on Glass

We offer a wide selection of glass doors directly from some of the most amazing Italian manufacturers. Our Italian glass doors collection has a clean and simplistic design, characterized by polished perimeter edges to maximize lightness and cleaning of the glass that becomes an absolute beauty. All glass doors are custom made in tempered safety-sure glass. Colored glasses can be customized to fit your exact color needs.

There are various design techniques used to decorate glasses. They are: sanding, melting, mirroring, impression and embedded inserts.

The glasses can be of different types based on the design selected. They are: Tempered Monolithic Glass, Tempered Stratified Glass, Tempered Stratified Reflective Glass, Tempered Stratified Glass with Glossy and Satin Lacquered, Tempered Stratified Glass Lacquered and Mirrored.