Remodeling Existing Doors

without construction

Exclusive Italian Design for an affordable price

High-Quality Door panels from Italy

Pivot Hinges, Clean-finish Locks

No construction necessary

Our new construction-free door solution enables you to update your door panel while keeping your existing frame. The door panels can be inserted into your frame with pivot hinges. Updating the look of your doors and amplifying your interior design has never been this easy – and affordable.

Easy installation in 4 steps:

Step 1: Open the door wide, unscrew the hinges and take off the old door

Step 2: Fill the holes of the old hinge with the provided wooden plates in the correct shape

Step 3: Level the wooden plates and paint them in the color of the frame.

Step 4: Attach the pivot hinges on the top and bottom and install the new door.

Examples of Construction-Free Doors

These doors feature construction-free wooden panels and a glass insert on the left, both mounted on a pre-existing door frame with matching casings. We offer many different combinations of panels, colors, inserts, handles, and hinges.

Selection of available panel colors:


and more …

Selection of available handles and locks:

and more …

italianinteriors is your exclusive partner in selecting, delivering and installing the finest interior designs directly from manufacturers in Italy. We also supply and install made-to-measure interiors, furniture and accessories from our own production facilities in Italy.