Built-in Closets

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  • CB13


    Wardrobe with Split sliding doors, with different colored lacquered panels. The symmetric color combination and smooth movement add the right ambience in a modern home

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  • CB14


    Wardrobe with Diagonal coplanar sliding doors in the B configuration with gloss lacquered and corda color wood panels. The handle incorporated in the frame is lacquered to match the door. In the foreground, the Aqua bed with hung night stands.

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  • CB15


    Wardrobe with Step swing doors, the structural panel is in matt bianco candido lacquer with matt bianco candido lacquered panels applied to it and frames in a matching lacquered finish. One of the panels applied to the door projects from it to create a handle.

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  • CB16


    Wardrobe with Alibi swing doors with matt bianco candido lacquered panels and matt verde sporting lacquered handle inserts. Close-up view of the door with handle inserts in a mixed, short vertical and large square arrangement

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